Would you walk around on one shoe? Wear only one lens in your eyeglasses?  Silly questions!


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Energy Body

Most Americans eat, sleep, work, and play with an awareness of only “half” of their body—the physical half. They haven’t been taught what people in Eastern cultures have known for centuries: there is a second body that requires our care and feeding, too. This is our “energy body.”

Our physical bodies exist within a constellation of intelligent energy systems whose primary job is to keep us well. Similar to our physical body, our energy body has common “body parts,” which we all have. But instead of blood, bones, and organs, our energy body has meridians, chakras, and the auric field. Despite these commonalities, each of us has our own unique energy signatures that are as distinctive as the face you see when you look in the mirror.

Our energy systems have a language all their own, and it is never to late to learn it. Our ancestors knew this, and they knew how to listen and respond. They had to in order to survive. How do you think they knew which plants were healthy for them and which were toxic? Through energy language! As Western society became industrialized and dependent upon the intellect, much of this knowledge was dismissed as folklore.

Fortunately, this knowledge is re-emerging in the West, at a time when many people are looking for ways to feel better through using what Mother Nature provided for us. More people are beginning to understand the importance of what we call “holistic health,” which is about taking care of our “whole” health—mind , body, and spirit—not just our physical bodies. You can’t separate the parts. They are all part of the same system.

The ONLY path to optimum, sustainable health and fitness requires knowledge about how to maintain and manage this invisible energy body. Why? Because the state of our energy body determines our physical, mental, and emotional states. ALWAYS.

We can learn how to care for our energies at any age. It’s not difficult nor time consuming. And when we do, we can feel better and do better in every aspect of our lives.

There’s just no walking away from this fact—with one or both shoes!

Pam Aronson, EEM-CP
Grafton, MA 01519  |  508-847-5631 (cell)  |  pj.aronson@gmail.com